The Prince & Princess in Me Program

The children will start with snack and children table talk about how to eat Healthy and Health and Wellness. They will do a Zumba workout and jump rope 

March 2nd @ 3:30pm-5pm

MDAM Program Health & Wellness 

Come Join us for a health and Wellness experience  juicing some of your favorite  veggies and fruit. You will be amazes how good it taste! We will also learn how eating and drinking healthy will benefit the body.

March 30th @ 5pm

Mount Pleasant Library

Join us as we complete the SUPERHERO CITIZENSHIP TRAINING.

We will do Superhero activity and have delicious pizza.

March 28th @ 1pm-2:30pm

Voluteers Hours

Giving back to our community "MATTERS"

If you would like to voluteer please sign up all children must be 10 and up. We will meet at City Mission at 4:30pm

March 16th