Making a Difference

We have the power to make a difference in someone's life every day. We are all gifted with a unique set of skills and abilities. With those abilities we can make extra-ordinary things happen in the world around us.

Community Support Services

1. The Prince and Princess in Me Program (ages 5-11)

2. Podcast & Music Workshops (ages 10-16)

3. Life-Skills Workshops

4. Community Service/Volunteer Hours (10+)

5. Master My Mind (ages 12-16)

6. Health & Wellness Workshops (Group size 8-12)

7. Creative Arts(Dance & Music)

8. Let's Play Summer Camp 6 Weeks Mon-Fri 9am-3pm

9. One On One Mentorship Program

School Programs (Sept-June)

1. The Princess in Me Program (Elemetary School)

2. She Became Me Program (Mentorship Program)

3. Ready-Set-Go (After School Program)

4. Regroup Program (Group size 8-10) 

5. Mingle and Munch Lunch Buddy Program