She Became Me....

This mentorship program is for young ladies ages 12-16. We are dedicated to helping young ladies navigate and identify who they are as individuals, also to give them skills and confidence as they design their futures for a successful womanhood. "She Became Me Program" runs during or afterschool and emphasizes on activities dealing with Life Skills, Enrichment, Journaling, Restorative Practices, Leadership Development with Culturally Reflective Women, Self-Care, Health and Wellness, Career Readiness Skills, helping girls to build healthy relationships with their peers and leaders that cause them to thrive.


Words that HEAL vs. Words that HURT, Unmasking, Faces of a Bully, Girls to Women, Social Ethics Accountability, Self-awarness, Health awareness, Socialization Skill, Conflict-Resolution, Confidence, Making a difference where you are, setting Short and Long-term goals, and workforce etiquettes.